The Management Board (MB), chaired by the Director, oversees the activities of WISB, monitoring progress towards the Centre’s objectives.

Dr Declan Bates

Professor of Bioengineering, School of Engineering

Co-Director | Theme 1 Lead | SynBio CDT

Developing modelling, simulation, and control system design frameworks for synthetic biological systems. Website

Dr Sarah Bennett

Research Technology Facility Manager, WISB

Dr Greg Challis

Professor of Sustainable Chemistry, Warwick Monash Alliance, Dept. of Chemistry

Theme 2 Lead

Discovery, biosynthesis, mechanism of action and pathway engineering of bioactive microbial natural products. Website

Quentin Compton-Bishop

Chief Executive Officer, Warwick Ventures

Dr Corinne Hanlon

Research and Outreach Manager, WISB

Dr Alfonso Jaramillo

Professor of Synthetic Biology, School of Life Sciences | Research Professor, CNRS, France

Training & Education Lead

Engineering synthetic bacteriophages for phage therapy;  engineering new protein and RNA circuits able to sense pathogen signals in living cells. Website

Dr Graham Jones

Computer Officer and Data Manager, WISB

Dr James W. Lapworth

Business Development Manager, Warwick Ventures

Dr Nicholas Lee

Associate Professor, Director of Research, Centre for Education Studies

Theme 5 Lead

Cultural implications of, and responsible research and innovation in the field of synthetic biology. Website

Dr John McCarthy

Professor of Molecular Systems Biology, School of Life Sciences


Rate control and noise in eukaryotic gene expression. Design strategies and hardware for synthetic biology. Website

Dr Vardis Ntoukakis

Associate Professor, Royal Society Research Fellow, School of Life Sciences

Theme 4 Lead

Plant-microbe interactions including how pathogen perception leads to reprogramming of gene expression. Website

Dr Orkun Soyer

Professor, School of Life Sciences

Co-Director | Theme 3 Lead | SynBio CDT Associate Director

Engineering signaling and metabolic systems, including  microbial communities for anaerobic digestion. Website

WISB has been funded by the above bodies