The Scientific Advisory Board (AB) reviews progress and provides advice and guidance for key strategic decisions.

Membership includes international experts in Synthetic Biology (SB) and the Ethical, Legal and Societal Aspects (ELSA) of synthetic biology.

Dr Anke Becker

Professor of Microbiology, LOEWE Center for Synthetic Microbiology, Philipps-Universität Marburg


Bacterial regulatory networks, bacterial genome engineering, DNA assembly, lab automation, symbiotic plant-microbe interactions, exopolysaccharide biosynthesis


Dr Alex Broomsgrove

Manager, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


Dr Franck Escalettes

Head of Biosciences, Ingenza


Dr Sibylle Gaisser

Professor of Biotechnology & Bioprocess Engineering, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

Production of antibiotics, communication of science and the bioethical assessment of emerging technologies


Dr Claes Gustafsson

Chief Commercial Officer, ATUM

Combining machine learning with efficient gene synthesis to engineering biological systems for commercial applications.


Dr Amanda Harding

Senior Molecular Biologist, Green Biologics Ltd.


Dr Ahmad (Mo) Khalil

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering Associate Director, Biological Design Center

Synthetic biology to study the function and evolution of biological networks, and to engineer cellular systems for therapeutic applications. Website

Dr Mart Loog

Professor of Molecular Systems Biology, University of Tartu


Dr Victor de Lorenzo

Professor of Research (CSIC), Systems Biology Program, Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia, Madrid

Honorary Group Leader Website

Dr Rowan McKibbin

Head of Science Strategy: Exploiting New Ways of Working, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)

Rowan leads on the synthetic biology, systems biology, data intensive bioscience and technology development portfolios at BBSRC. This includes leading on the delivery of the £102M “Synthetic Biology for Growth” programme on behalf of the Research Councils.


Dr Anne Osbourn

Director, Norwich Research Park Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy Alliance | Professor & Group Leader, John Innes Centre

Plant natural products – biosynthesis, function, metabolic engineering and mechanisms of metabolic diversification


Dr Andrew Phillips

Head of Biological Computation Group, Microsoft Research


Dr Jason Vincent

Head of Synthetic Biology , Syngenta


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