Societal issues in synthetic biology: why all the fuss about public engagement?

WISB hosted a 2-day workshop exploring how synthetic biology research is connected to the external world and how it can be opened up and shared with the public.

The workshop examined a range of philosophical, ethical, communication, interdisciplinary and societal issues in synthetic biology.

Our researchers gained an understanding of key theories and methods used in a wide variety of science communication, bioart, and speculative design projects that deal with synthetic biology and are intended to ignite thoughtful exchange and debate.

The workshop was facilitated by WISB collaborators from University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Facilitator Britt Wray had asked participants to “imagine a world in which synthetic biology has delivered significantly on its promises”, expounding the contributions of non-scientists in its development. Manish Kushwaha, a WISB Research Fellow, wrote from such an imagined future

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