Addresses the challenges of building tailor-made and fully controllable biosynthetic pathways.

WISB researchers are developing novel SB tools for engineering biosynthetic pathways to generate structurally complex bioactives in microorganisms such as Streptomyces sp. and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Rate control engineering, combined with high-resolution systems analysis, enables us to create highly efficient synthetic pathways.

Current Theme Members

Dr Fabrizio Alberti

UKRI Future Leader Fellow

Fungal natural product discovery and biosynthesis


Dr Greg Challis

Professor of Sustainable Chemistry, Warwick Monash Alliance, Dept. of Chemistry

Theme Lead

Discovery, biosynthesis, mechanism of action and pathway engineering of bioactive microbial natural products. Website

Dr Christophe Corre

Associate Professor, School of Life Sciences / Dept. of Chemistry

Characterisation of microbial transcriptional regulators that control antibiotic biosynthesis and/or antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Website

Dr Chuan Huang

WISB Post Doctoral Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry

Dr Matthew Jenner

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Dept. of Chemistry

Mapping protein-protein interactions in modular polyketide synthases using structural mass spectrometry.

Dr Xinyun Jian

WISB Post Doctoral Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry

Laurence Legon

PhD Student, SynBioCDT

Dr Navya Menon

Senior Research Technician

Marlene Rothe

PhD Student, SynBioCDT

Daniel Taylor

PhD Student, SynBioCDT

Recent Publications

Biosynthesis: Reprogramming assembly lines
B. R. K. Menon, M. Jenner
Nature Chemistry
February 20, 2018
Triggering the expression of a silent gene cluster from genetically intractable bacteria results in scleric acid discovery
F. Alberti, D. J. Leng, I. Wilkening, L. Song, M. Tosin, C. Corre
February 15, 2018
Mechanism of intersubunit ketosynthase–dehydratase interaction in polyketide synthases
M. Jenner, S. Kosol, D. Griffiths, P. Prasongpholchai, L. Manzi, A. S. Barrow, J. E. Moses, N. J. Oldham, J. R. Lewandowski, G. L. Challis
Nature Chemical Biology
January 08, 2018
In Vitro Biosynthetic Studies of Bottromycin Expand the Enzymatic Capabilities of the YcaO Superfamily
C. J. Schwalen, G. A. Hudson, S. Kosol, N. Mahanta, G. L. Challis, D. A. Mitchell
Journal of the American Chemical Society
December 04, 2017
Modeling the architecture of the regulatory system controlling methylenomycin production in Streptomyces coelicolor
J. E. Bowyer, E. LC. de los Santos, K. M. Styles, A. Fullwood, C. Corre, D. G. Bates
Journal of Biological Engineering
October 03, 2017

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