Developing tools for engineering plant pathways to improve plant species relevant to food security.

WISB researchers are developing new types of synthetic control system in which synthetic effectors (synEffectors), derived from natural effectors of plant pathogens and mutualists, which can be targeted to bespoke pathways.  In this way, pathways are re-engineered to deliver temporal and spatial control of bespoke plant responses in an orthogonal fashion, i.e. without causing trade-offs in other natural responses.  This work will lead to enhanced properties that improve, for example, plant resistance to stress.

Current Theme Members

Dr Ana Domingues-Ferreras

WISB Post Doctoral Research Assistant, School of Life Sciences

Dr Miriam Gifford

Reader, School of Life Sciences

Cell-type specific plant responses to N-fixing mutualist microbes and to pathogens. Website

Dr Vardis Ntoukakis

Associate Professor, Royal Society Research Fellow, School of Life Sciences

Theme Lead

Plant-microbe interactions including how pathogen perception leads to reprogramming of gene expression. Website

Dr Veselina Uzunova

WISB Post Doctoral Research Assistant, School of Engineering

Recent Publications

Changes in Gene Expression in Space and Time Orchestrate Environmentally Mediated Shaping of Root Architecture
L. Walker, C. Boddington, D. Jenkins, Y. Wang, J. T. Grønlund, J. Hulsmans, S. Kumar, D. Patel, J. D. Moore, A. Carter, S. Samavedam, G. Bonomo, D. S. Hersh, G. M. Coruzzi, N. J. Burroughs, M. L. Gifford
The Plant Cell
November 10, 2017
Impact of spatial organization on a novel auxotrophic interaction among soil microbes
X. Jiang, C. Zerfaß, R. Eichmann, M. Asally, P. Schaefer, O. Soyer
September 28, 2017
Control Strategies for Mitigating the Effect of External Perturbations on Gene Regulatory Networks
M. Foo, I. Gherman, K. Denby, D. G. Bates
20th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control
July 14, 2017
JAZ2 controls stomata dynamics during bacterial invasion
S. Gimenez-Ibanez, M. Boter, A. Ortigosa, G. García-Casado, A. Chini, M. G. Lewsey, J. R. Ecker, V. Ntoukakis, R. Solano
New Phytol
December 22, 2016
The Proteasome Acts as a Hub for Plant Immunity and Is Targeted by Pseudomonas Type III Effectors
S. Üstün, A. Sheikh, S. Gimenez-Ibanez, A. Jones, V. Ntoukakis, F. Börnke
Plant Physiology
November 04, 2016
The Arabidopsis Protein Phosphatase PP2C38 Negatively Regulates the Central Immune Kinase BIK1
D. Couto, R. Niebergall, X. Liang, C. A. Bücherl, J. Sklenar, A. P. Macho, V. Ntoukakis, P. Derbyshire, D. Altenbach, D. Maclean, S. Robatzek, J. Uhrig, F. Menke, J. Zhou, C. Zipfel
PLOS Pathogens
August 05, 2016

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