Tara Hill

Twist Bioscience


Broadband DNA Synthesis Powering the Synthetic Biology Revolution

2 p.m. Wednesday 2nd December 2015

GLT2, School of Life Sciences

The applications enabled by perfect DNA sequences from a highly scalable platform are limitless. Twist Bioscience’s innovative silicon-based DNA synthesis platform is revolutionizing synthetic biology. By miniaturizing reaction volumes by a factor of 1000, the platform delivers the power of scale, reducing price and delivering on quality. DNA, whether in the form of genes, ready to use oligonucleotide pools or libraries allow design on a grander scale while simplifying experiments by circumventing the need to clone, and ultimately accelerating discoveries.

Tara Hill started her career as a research assistant at the School of Tropical Medicine. Prior to joining Twist Bioscience she had been in the LifeScience industry for 16 years having a number of technical and sales roles in Agilent Technologies finally as a European Genomics Business Manager. At Twist, Tara is the Director of Business Development building the business and the team in Europe.

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