M2P Labs BioLector – High Throughput Microbioreactor

What is it used for?

Media optimisation, clone screening, strain characterisation, bioprocess development

Key features

  • Culture experiments are carried out in 48 well microtiter plates
  • Microsensors are integrated into each well, providing measurement of biomass, fluorescence, pH and dissolved oxygen
  • The working volume of each well is between 0.4 and 3 ml

Examples of how the WISB community are using this equipment

  • Media optimisation (PI Soyer)
  • Cultivation of an E. coli inducible expression system based in Streptomyces signalling molecules (PI Corre)

M2P Labs RoboLector – Robotic platform for BioLector

What is it used for?

The RoboLector is a liquid handler, which can be combined with the BioLector to provide an automated fermentation platform.

Key Features

The RoboLector has two pipetting channels, which can be used to autonomously prepare media compositions.  During fermentations, feed solutions can be added to the microtiter plates.

The pipetting volume range is 10 – 950 µL and 16 deck positions are available on the worktable.

Applikon Bioreactors and Insect cell culture

What are they used for?

Microbial and cell culture (batch, fed-batch, perfusion and continuous cultivation), media optimisation, process optimisation and screening studies.

Key Features

We have the following Bioreactor set up –

6 x 500 mL Autoclavable MiniBios (2 for anaerobic, 4 for aerobic culture)

  • Working volume – 100 – 400 ml

1 x 7 L Autoclavable Bioreactor with EZ-Control platform interchangeable with a 3L cell culture stirred disposable bioreactor system for insect cells

  • Working volume of 7 L vessel – 5.4 L
  • Working volume of 3L disposable bioreactor 1 – 2.4 L

All bioreactors have the following components:

  • Control of temperature, pH, level, gas control, dissolved O2 and other gases and agitation
  • Buglab sensors for measuring OD
  • Reagent addition
  • Out gas analysers for 2 gases per analyser
  • Redox systems for anaerobic work
  • BioXpert V2 software

Example of how the WISB community are using this equipment

Generation of engineered trypanosomatid drug-target proteins. (PI McCarthy)

WISB has been funded by the above bodies