Tecan Freedom EVO 200

What is it used for?

Automated high throughput techniques, such as screening, plate replication, DNA extractions, transformations, colony picking, culture inoculation – growth – analysis.

Key features

We have two robotic platforms, each equipped with an 8-channel liquid handling arm, a 96 multichannel arm and a robotic manipulator arm.  The two systems have storage carousels and holders for reagents and multi-well plates.

Robot 1 is equipped with a shaking plate, heating and cooling plates, a vacuum filtration system and a thermocycler.  Robot 2 in equipped with another shaking plate, colony picker, incubators and a plate reader.  There is a shuttle between the two Robots for plate transfer.

The two systems can be programmed to carry out repetitive, high throughput tasks, without the need for human interaction.

Example applications

  • Antimicrobial MIC hit detection and synergy screening (collaboration with John Moat, Director of the Antimicrobial Screening Facility)
  • Combined plate replication and yeast transformation (PI Ntoukakis and Schafer)
  • Combinatorial assembly approach for the construction and assay of recombinant proteins in yeast (PI John McCarthy)

Formulatrix Mantis Liquid Handler

What is it used for?

Liquid handling with minimal dead volume, resulting in minimal wastage of reagents and samples.

Key features

The Mantis uses a microfluidic valve cluster to measure and dispense discrete volumes of liquid.  Two chip options enable volume ranges from 100 nL to 500 nL or 1 µL to 5 µL and can dispense 10 times per second.

Examples of how the WISB community are using the Mantis

  • Single cell RNA-seq preparation (PI Hebenstreit)

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